New PolyBus LB2 LF renders:

*While these are all real pictures captured in-game, some screenshots may have been enhanced slightly for a better look, plus graphics for all these pictures are at the maximum settings, please note that on lower-end devices the game may not look as stunning

What is DBS™?

DBS™ is an interactive and fun Roblox bus simulator.
It is based on the Netherlands and mostly features Dutch buses from the Connexxion*/Transdev* company, most of our buses are painted in the popular R-net* (Randstadnet*) livery.
All the in-game infrastructure is Dutch-style, fictional infrastructure; although some famous buildings or other pieces of architecture may have been based off of real-life objects, all other surroundings are fully fictional and do not relate to the famous buildings or other objects.
The first version of DBS™ was created and founded by cupidokevin in late 2020/early 2021, since then, the game has received a lot of updates and is now in its second iteration.
DBS™ also focuses on making an experience that is as true to life as possible, this is why the game has so many features that have never been seen together in any other Roblox experience ever.
Features like our innovative mirror system add to the experience and make the overall game feel more like a simulator, which is quite outstanding on the Roblox platform.
DBS™ is still owned by and under the name of cupidokevin, although it has been silently merged into the Droblox Studios group, which is a game studio founded by komerdoor, most experiences that have been made by cupidokevin are now part of the Droblox group.
DBS™ also has its own community and Roblox group, which is exclusively for the DBS™ series.

*DBS™ is not affiliated, partnerd or related to any of the above mentioned companies in any way, although we do have the permission to use logo's and other trademarks from some companies mentioned above, if you do have any questions or concerns about trademarks that we use, please visit this document.