Welcome to the DBS™ (Dutch Bus Simulator™ 2024) website. 
Firstly, on behalf of our whole team, thanks for visiting our official website!

So, what actually is DBS™?
DBS™ is an interactive and fun Roblox bus simulator.
It is based in the Netherlands and mostly features Dutch buses from the Connexxion/Transdev company, most of our buses are painted in the popular R-net (Randstadnet) livery.


How can I play DBS™?
DBS™ can be played by everyone! It is a public, free-to-play experience on the Roblox platform.
While not mandatory, a high-end device and steering wheel/game controller are highly recommended for DBS™ to get the best experience and gameplay.
DBS™ can also be accessed on mobile devices and Chromebooks, but please note that it is not possible to drive on mobile devices (except for Chromebooks).


Why should I consider playing DBS™?
DBS™ is a high-end simulator for Roblox standards.
With all its innovative and exclusive features, DBS™ is very satisfying to play, but of course it is not comparable to bigger games outside the Roblox platform, such as the well-known OMSI bus simulator.
On the other hand, DBS™ gives even more people the opportunity to drive buses in the Netherlands, because it is user-friendly and easy to play.